Mahabir Wellness

Corporate Consulting

Partnering with Mahabir Wellness Leads to Success

We accept most major insurances and can work with your employees and contract employees for all there mental health needs and demands! We offer a solutions approach therapy for our patient / clients by offering the following:

  • Diversity Counseling for everyone- customized results for women, men, and families
  • Honest, professional & ethical business practices
  • Partner Support Program with positive medical and relaxation benefits for employees
  • Consulting Services aid expert advice with proven success
  • Community wellness image program is dedicated support for employees with onsite demonstrations. Hands-on training in health and wellness for education.

Health & Wellness Relaxation Benefits

  • Therapeutic lymph node drainage massage
  • Polished, smooth, and exfoliated outer skin
  • Protection from UV cellular damage
  • Increased Vitamin D production for improved health
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence for mental health
  • Relief from dry, oily, sensitive, red, and combination skin

Medical grade Products Education Provides:

  • Clarification of what skincare products to use
  • A comprehensive skincare regime
  • Knowledge of the difference between synthetic and natural ingredients
  • Consultations on how to use our products

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