Hey Gita,

I am loving your products!!! I also love the caps on your eye and retinol creams!! Nice work, honey! Can’t wait for my next visit. Have a wonderful day!


Love it!!!!


It is a strange feeling not to have an appointment to see you this week. I will miss our sessions together not only because of the wonderful treatments but also as a friend. I enjoy our time together. I have learned so much from you in just a short time and feel that you have also helped my self esteem and confidence. My husband has remarked on the positive changes and continues to support them. It is not that I feel younger but I feel the stress has disappeared from my face, it is fuller and brighter which makes me feel so much better a bout myself. Thank you for such remarkable products and treatments Gita. Cant wait to return to continue on.


I always had my hand on my chin or I plastered my face with thick make-up so I would feel better about the way I looked. It is important even at my age but especially when I was much younger to feel good about the way you looked. It builds confidence, self worth when you are young. I only wish doctors would realize this especially in women.

Not only are your products fantastic but for the first time ever I feel someone cares and understands what I have been going through all these years. Your personalized approach is refreshing, your plan of action thought through. I feel special knowing this is designed just for me and my condition. I never expected nor desired to look 20 years of age again, very unrealistic expectations. I just wanted a clearer, healthier skin to feel better about myself.

I am so appreciative to have found you. I guess depression and skin therapy go hand in hand to build a more confident person. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought in such a short period of time I would look so much better. Team work is the key, I am willing to do what it takes with your guidance and support.


Gita: What a wonderful experience I had with you yesterday, I felt as if you were truly interested with my concerns and forming a plan of action to achieve the results desired. I came home and stared in the mirror astonished at what has been accomplished so far, unbelievable. Usually, my face is burned or I have bright red blotches around my chin and cheeks. I am so pleased.

Thank you for the directions, very easy to follow which is refreshing. Thank you again for your efforts, together I think we will make a great team and reach our realistic goal to a better healthier skin. Thank you again, looking forward to our next appointment.


I can definitely see positive changes in my skin. A nicer complexion.


I am using all of the products and I LOVE them. I am very pleased and can see and feel a beautiful difference. : )



My face feels wonderful, no redness, no sensitivity at all. Feels nice and tight and very smooth. Surprised at such positive results.