Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership Package


Partnering with Mahabir Wellness Equals Enhanced Success

  • Natural Customized Formulations

    • Medical grade treatments

    • Results driven for women, men, and families

  • Honest Service

    • Professional & ethical

  • Partner Support Program

    • Positive medical and relaxation benefits for employees

  • Consulting Services

    • Expert advice and proven success

  • Community Wellness Image

Dedicated support for employees with onsite demonstrations for employee wellness. Hands on training in health and wellness for skin care education.

Health & Wellness Relaxation Benefits:

  • Therapeutic lymph node drainage massage

  • Polishes, smoothes and exfoliates the outer skin

  • Protects from UV cellular damage

  • Increases Vitamin D production for improved health

  • Increases self esteem and self confidence

  • Addresses dry, oily, sensitive, red, and combination skin

Medical Benefits:

  • Skin cancer prevention

  • Anti-aging results by circulating oxygen to the skin

  • Initiates healthy complexion inside and out

  • Reduces tension, headaches, facial puffiness and fluid retention

  • Addresses facial furrows and deep lines

  • Detoxifies fluid and buildup from muscles, decreasing allergies and sinus pressure

  • Lifts skin improving confidence and self esteem

  • Increases blood flow for collagen production

  • Protects from environmental factors such as bacteria, fungus and viruses

Medical Grade Products Education:

  • Clarification of what skin care products to use

  • Developing a skin care regime

  • Differentiating between synthetic and natural ingredients

  • Consult on how to use products


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